Awesome Adventure Club

Join the Club!

It's new! It's simple! It's AWESOME! It's Dr. Hoff's "Awesome Adventure Club", designed especially for kids like you! So how does it work?

  1. Be age 7-12 and have a complimentary Orthodontic exam with Dr. Hoff!
  2. If you're not ready for braces, we give you a membership card and enroll you in our Kids Club Rewards Hub!
  3. Bring your card with you to every appointment while in our Kids Club Program!
  4. Receive points each time Dr. Hoff monitors your growth and development!
  5. Redeem your points for over 250 gift cards or save them for even bigger redemption!

The best part? Just being one of our patient's you are automatically enrolled in our "Awesome Adventure Club" while you are in our Observation Program. Membership will of course continues once you get your braces on, so enjoy saving points for bigger redemption on over 250 gift cards. Of course, braces on or off, we still think you're pretty awesome! So put your membership card someplace special and remember to bring it with you to every appointment until you are braces-ready. It's worth it!

We're so glad you're our patient and we're excited to offer you this new chance at great rewards for simply letting Dr. Hoff take care of your smile. If you, or your parents have any questions about this program, Call Us !

Welcome to the Club!


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